Simulator Brawl Box For Brawl Stars

Simulator Brawl Box For Brawl Stars



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  • 版   本:v1.2
  • 开发商:Benacadroid Sociedad Limitada
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#Simulator Brawl Box For Brawl Stars简介

This fun game is a casual game inspired by the popular game Brawl Stars and its theme. Open chest or Brawl box to find all the rewards and be the first to get all the brawlers characters. There are more than 15 different, and all new ones will be added to the collection.

When opening the box you will have chances to win unlimited elixir, and unlimited but fictitious gems can not be used.

- Cross your fingers to get all the cards.

- Chip system for duplicate card case.

- Auto-save system, do not worry, all your cards will be saved.

- Get unlimited gems and elixir.

The Simulator Brawl Box For Brawl Stars is a free game. Open all the legendary coffins you want and be the best at fighting in the sand.


This is a non-commercial online application generated by fans for Fan Content purposes only, limited to displaying and identifying Brawl Stars as permitted by the Fan Content Policy: This is not an official simulator for Brawl Stars. All references to "Brawl Stars" in the application name and description are for the sole purpose of identifying the application for potential users. It is not intended to infringe the trademark.

This content is not affiliated, approved, sponsored or approved specifically by Supercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. For more information, see the Supercell Fan Content Policy:

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